Born in New York City, NY, Angus MacBain was raised by his grandfather, Duncan MacBain, after the passing of his father. On the death of his grandfather, Angus was sent to Iona, an island in Scotland, and ancestral home of the MacBain clan. But not everything is as it seems on the island of Iona.


A Scotsman through and through, Duncan MacBain, grandfather of Angus MacBain, was a strong man, both in body and in personality. He was a strong believer that if you want something done well, you ought to do it yourself, and in upholding the traditions passed down through the generations. He raised his son – and his grandson, after his son’s passing – to work hard and not be afraid of adventure, and imbued them with a love of reading, fantasy, and adventure through his work repairing and binding old books. A believer in living life in the moment, but also remembering to plan for the future, he even prepared his own funerary arrangements, so that his young grandson wouldn’t have to shoulder the burden. He upheld the MacBain’s’ reputation of bravery and honor until his death in 2013.


After caring for Duncan MacBain in his final days, Nurse Vera was in charge of making sure that Angus was sent safely off to his aunt, Prudence Finklestink-MacBain, in Iona.


While on first sight, Fane Vargovic looks like a human being, he is, in fact, from another realm, known as Ceoban, where an evil Dacian knight is held captive. Fane came to our world to help King MacBain protect the good in the world, and was appointed to be the king’s advisor. Fane kept an eye on Dragomir while Angus was growing up, until Angus was old enough to destroy Dragomir. In the meantime, Fane hunts vampires every summer, and has formed the nasty habit of snacking on raw garlic. His magic is weak in our world, but he has a trick or two up his sleeve.



Vanora is an inquisitive young woman, who gets her unique perspective of the world from her father, Fred Pegenstecher. She can’t resist the call of adventure, so when Angus stumbles across his destiny, she decides to come along to come along and help, invited or not. She has studied her father’s research for years, learning all about creatures from folklores around the world. While she is stubborn, that makes her a steadfast friend. She’s not one to turn and run from a fight if her friends are in danger.



Vanora’s father, and cryptozoologist, Fred Pegenstecher is a loving man, with a sense of adventure. He sees Angus as the son he never had. He raised Vanora to question everything, to look for the things that no one else thought to look for, much less have seen. He’s particularly fond of his fur coat from Bigfoot.



The great aunt of Angus MacBain--there is much more to the crabby old woman than meets the eye.



Creepy caretaker who serves Angus’ aunt.  



Dacian knight, and enemy of the MacBain clan, Dragomir tried to destroy everything good in our world. Dragomir is the oldest Vampire. He served the Dacian kings of ancient Romania, using his powers as a psychic vampire to feast on fear, and inflict suffering on others. King MacBain trapped him in a cairn in the world Ceoban ages ago, and Dragomir has been growing stronger – and angrier – ever since. He hates our world with a passion, and the MacBain Kings even more for entrapping him.