Queen Aoibheann is ruler and queen of the Merrows. She’s a lovely woman, pale and seemingly fragile, with long black hair that reaches her waist. She favors gowns in shades of blue with gold accents, with long, bell sleeves. She wears a gold band embossed with sea urchins, in place of a crown. She is a wise leader, and very kind. She is married to King Ardal.


King Ardal is ruler and king of the Merrows. He wears a robe ornamented with silver shells, and carries a trident. He is just and fair to his people, who live in peace under his rule. The kingdom has flourished under his hand, and he is loved by all. He is married to Queen Aoibheann.


Bill is a very naughty Kelpie. He will transport people by land and also by water—but only if he feels like it.  


The Banshee appears as a woman in mourning; a gray, hooded cloak, with a ragged black veil conceals most of her form. Behind the lace, her eyes are red from centuries of weeping. She cannot stand the sight of herself, and avoids her own reflection. She is a harbinger of death, her scream a sign of death at the doorstep. She washes the clothes and sheets of those about to die, sealing their fate. Centuries ago, she stored the MacBain shield in her hall, awaiting someone brave enough to retrieve it.


Bohar helps the Merrows select their sleeping ships, vessels that carry the Merrows to the sleeping caves.


Brosha, a dwarf, runs a dairy in Zephandale, a village of dwarves. He is married to Katherine, also known as Kat. He has extensive knowledge of the old mining tunnels, having worked in them before choosing to run the dairy.


Conchobar is the leader of the Firblogs, having led them in peace for many years. He has been an ally to the MacBain clan for ages, and he’s still going strong in his old age.


Dako is an enormous beast – over forty feet long – with interlocking jaws, and ten-inch long teeth.


Damon O’Forge and Pierre are the spotter and the mapper, respectively. Damon O’Forge can “spot” where Dragomir is, and Pierre maps his location. Together, they keep track of Dragomir’s movements.


These creatures look like oversized rats, but in fact are the children of Dragomir. They stand on two legs, and are cursed with an insatiable thirst for blood. Speed and slyness are their gifts. The dried husks of their prey are the only evidence you’ll ever find of them. They attack and sneak away unnoticed. They devour human flesh, but are never satisfied, and their intense hunger is only matched by their need for cruelty. They caused the black plague in the dark times, and are responsible for millions of deaths.


A race of the fairest of fairy folk. The De Danann excel over all others in their proficiency in every art.  Great teachers to humans and others who choose to learn.  Fane credits them for all his wisdom.


The Dobharchú is a water hound; part otter, part dog. It is deadly, especially with extremely dense fur to protect it. They tend to hunt in pairs or small groups, and they are persistent in their attacks. They’ve been reported to be up to seven feet long from tip to tail. The only known way to kill them is to stab them through the heart. Be prepared to be attacked by its mate if you do succeed in killing it.



Domnall is the innkeeper of The Miners Inn, in the village of Zephandale. He is a fantastic host, and a strong believer in the power of a good drink, and good company.



The doomed lovers dance on the surface of the River Harz, near The Floating Market. They are dancing through time for all eternity. If you see them, cover up, as it will start raining soon – the heavens shed tears over their broken hearts. They are a hauntingly beautiful sight, but do not come between them, as it will not end well for you.



These creatures have water lilies growing out of their heads, as a way to blend in with their surroundings. They graze on the sludge in lily ponds. You can always tell if there’s one in your local pond, as their flower will move on the surface as they lick the sludge off rocks in swampy places. They protect the portal between Earth and Ceoban.


The Firblogs are the most powerful of giant-kin. They are shorter than most giants, standing at only eight feet tall, but they are much smarter, and have magical powers. Firblogs tend to be burly, with their reddish-blond beards and hair woven into braids. They favor nine-foot long spears as their weapon of choice.



Goliaths are giants that are the size of mountains. The larger the giant, the longer the lifespan, and the more they tend to sleep. Slumbering giants turn into earth; when you look at a mountain, you are actually seeing a Goliath that is sleeping. The older the giant is, the more he resembles the landscape around him. It takes a keen eye to see the ancient giants, so study the countryside around you at all times. It is possible to wake giants that have been turned to earth. Most of the sleeping Goliaths are kind creatures, but do not try to wake them, as they are old and deserve some respect…. Not to mention that they could be a bad one. If you do happen to wake an evil Goliath, remember that they tend to be slow, but powerful.



For centuries, they tended cattle, but they found working for the Merrows to be much easier, with better benefits, and less time on the job. Unfortunately, one day they stumbled upon an Easter basket, and they have been hopelessly addicted to chocolate ever since.



He looks like the grim reaper, but instead of a sickle, he carries a human spine that he uses as a whip. He rests in the largest mausoleum on top of the hill, which was built for him by King MacBain. He sleeps there, clutching a sword. Oh, and he turns evil at nightfall, so you’d best be out of his grasp before then.



Katherine, also known as Kat, is the wife of Brosha. She is of the feline persuasion, as many dwarves’ wives are, and is the main reason Brosha manages to get anything done at the dairy. She is a kindly woman, with a good head on her shoulders. Please note that she does have whiskers and a tail, and it isn’t polite to stare.



Madam Varga is one of the shop owners in The Floating Market. She appears in a crystal ball, and she sees all. She can see the future, or bestow fame or fortune. Know what you want before you get there. She may ask you to cast the runes, pick an ogham, or pull a tarot card.


Merrows are very much like mermaids, but they have the ability to go between land and sea. In the water, they have tails, and on land, legs. The merrows are ruled by King Ardal and Queen Aoibheann.



Metal Wasps are the invention of Prudence Finklestink-MacBain, the Sea Hag. They are metal, with all sorts of gadgets. No one is sure what all they can do, though. We know that they are equipped with tiny cameras, used to spy on people, and that they are covered with retractable dagger-like thorns. However, it’s hard to capture them. The most effective way to get them to hold still is to kill them, and drowning is the only known way to do it. As they are made with the Sea Hag’s magic, they will turn into slime when exposed to water, which has hindered all efforts to examine them fully.



Oxton is the greatest warrior among the Firblogs, and is under the command of Conchobar.



Selkies are a sort of seal fairy. They can transform into human form by shedding their skin. When they put their seal skins back on again, the transform back into seals. A fisherman would marry a selkie, then hide her skin, so that she couldn’t transform back into a seal. But the selkies always find their skins eventually, and they would return to the ocean, leaving their husband – and sometimes families – behind. Angus’ mother, Orla MacBain, chose not to put her seal skin back on, instead staying with her family until she was forced to flee to Ceoban. Silktus is their king.



Silktus is King of the Selkies.



The Thurisax are Norse giants loyal to Dragomir. When Vikings traveled to Scottland, they left the rune symbols as a warning to future travelers.



Toads such as the ones found in the River Harz should be avoided at all costs. When threatened, they shoot poison from glands behind their eyes. They are not deadly, but the poison causes an eruption of chin warts, and it can cause your vocal chords to vibrate at a frequency that attracts flies. If you are sprayed, you will need to seek treatment right away.


Madam Varga’s Fortune Telling Shop is home to The Web Weaver, an old woman who spends her time knitting spider webs. She’ll point the way to Madam Varga’s room for you. Do NOT destroy the webs she is weaving, as it is bad luck. In fact, don’t even touch the webs, as they are home to many species of spider, some incredibly venomous.



Widges are nasty little ear mites that plague giants. The giants have found that if they don’t build a chimney for their fireplaces, instead leaving the smoke to filter out the doors and windows, the smoke gives them some protection from them. They are hard to get rid of once you have an infestation. They’re invisible to the naked eye, but make terrible squeaking noises while tunneling into the brain. They are very contagious. If you are the guest of giants, make sure to sleep near the fire – you wouldn’t want Widges to come home with you.



The Wild Cat is the animal of the MacBain clan.



If you happen to have a penny-whistle on hand, you can use it to summon a wolfhound. These massive creatures are not actually wolves, but are, in fact, dogs. They’ll give you a ride to the Firblogs…. But only if you can befriend them. It’s a good idea to have a treat waiting for them, just in case.



Woodworm is a ghost that haunts the caverns beyond Fingal’s Cave – he was invited to stay by King MacBain himself to scare off intruders. He’s perfectly harmless, but… he’s got emotional issues. Watch what you say around him, or you’ll send him off into a crying jag. You’ll feel bad at first, but after a while, it’ll drive you crazy. He does it on purpose, of course, so avoid it if you can. He’ll chase you away if you show fear, so just try to ignore him.