“Angela Townsend continuously amazes me with her talent. I was lucky enough to edit this before she submitted it for publication and I can't say enough good things about it. Her writing is gorgeous! Every turn of phrase, every description made me feel like I was in a world created by Tolkien or Lewis. This is THE book to read this year.”

 Editor Emily White


“If you're a fan of Harry Potter then the spirit of this book will definitely enthral you, though I dare say it's a much faster ride to enjoy and the Celtic flavour gives it a cultural value that I would prize far higher than 'The Philosopher's Stone'. In terms of a first book in a series, I enjoyed Angus MacBain and the Island of Sleeping Kings more than Harry Potter, so when Angela J. Townsend continues this series I can only anticipate with glee how much more fabulous it can get!”

Kimberly Finn, U.K. Reviewer


“A Beautifully Written Book that will appeal to Harry Potter Fans, young and old alike!”